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I am pleased to announce that www.poemsofworth.com has gone GLOBAL!


We now have traffic from 34 different countries from  all around the world! With the power of the internet we can not only share poetry with people in New Jersey and the United States, but we can reach a world wide audience.


If you are from out of New Jersey, or out of the United States, we would love to hear from you.

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Summer of 2010 
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Poemsofworth.com is a website devoted to Manasquan New Jersey’s favorite porch poet Bette Worth.


Shannon Mullen of the Asbury Park Press once wrote, “Bette June Worth is to poetry what, say, John Grisham is to literature. Light, breezy, meant for the masses-in short, ideal summer reading.”


How it all began is best expressed by her first poem…..


Step by step this Rhyme may reach 

Into your Hearts from Manasquan Beach 

Inlet, Jetty, Cove and Sand

Ocean shores of just bought land.

Resident poet  -  born and raised 

Truly a clam digger - glad I've stayed


The poems she writes are painted on wood planks, gently set on her front step.  Some of the art work found on the border is done by Bette Junes niece, Dana. 


Beach going on lookers have stopped by for a read for over 20 years.  Susan Palmer a visiting fan once wrote, “You are a talented poet and a wonderful seaside philosopher. Thank you for sharing your art in this unique way”.


 Amy Fetzer said, “Your steps are among my very favorite memories of Manasquan. In the years that we rented there, a visit to your steps was as important as the time spent on the beach and the walks on the boardwalk”.


Bette June’s poetry brings smiles to the Jersey Shore as bright as the sun.  Such a gift should be shared with the world. Have a look around and share in the fun!!!


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Are you a poet and you don't even know it? Do you make a rhyme all the time? Every time?


We want to hear from you! Don’t be shy, let it fly!

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Bette June, I’m glad to say

That we met along the way.

Your poetry has made me smile.

So all your effort is worthwhile.

May you ever continue to write.

“Step Poems” for everyone’s delight.


Poem by: Rich Magi

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I see your mother in you Bette

An astonishing woman was she.

Always musing, ever caring,

Joyful songs of family faring.

As you continue your Poems of Worth,

Thank you for your gift of mirth.


Poem by:  Marion Taylor/ Tippit



I could never be a poet,

but to be from Manasquan is to know it.

Such really great memories

bring tears to our reveries.

I’ll never forget the days and the nights

that we all spent in the lights.


Poem by:  Dough Helm

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Text Box: Newly added!!
The 2011 and 2012 poem in 
History of  the Steps

Coming soon ……
An interview with Bette Worth
on her first hand experience with Super Storm Sandy.

With summer fast approaching so is a new poem!! Check back soon for more updates and submit your poetry, pictures, or comments to info@poemsofworth.com! : )
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 We just got word from our producers that Manasquan’s own Bette Worth was featured on News Channel 4 NBC New York.  Check out the video!!!!!